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Cultural Studies

At the Lower Elementary level, students study the Great Lessons as well as the school-wide Cultural Studies themes.

The Great Lessons, developed by Maria Montessori, offer the child a panoramic view of the universe and a sense of humanity across time. The great questions that arise from this view then serve as a blueprint for further study in all cultural areas.

The Great Lessons include:
• Story of the universe
• Coming of life
• Coming of humans
• Story of communication/span>
• Story of numbers
    Inly presents a school-wide, three-year rotation of Cultural Studies content—covering Ancient, American and World Civilizations. The curriculum revolves around a central school-wide question (see below). Each level (TO, CH, LE, UE, MS) has its own developmentally appropriate sub-questions that focus the academic lessons and studies. Special events such as cultural festivals, assemblies, field trips and reading lists are planned around these themes.
    Year One: Ancient Civilizations
    The school-wide question is:
    "How and why were ancient civilizations created?"
    The Lower Elementary focus is: 
    "What do we learn from creation stories?"
    "What is an ancient civilization?"
    "What stories do artifacts tell?"
    " What inventions helped ancient civilizations develop?"
    Year Two: American Civilization
    The school-wide central question is: 
    "How and why has American civilization changed?
    The Lower Elementary focus is: 
    "What is immigration?"
    "Who are the immigrants in America?"
    "Why do people immigrate?"
    "What events and people caused change in America?"
    Year Three: World Civilizations
     The school-wide central question is: 
    "How and why do world civilizations connect?"
    The Lower Elementary focus is: 
    "What causes people around the world to live differently and the same?"
    "What traditional ceremonies are practiced throughout the world?”

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