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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Inly’s dynamic, Montessori+ practices inspire our inclusive community of learners to explore and shape ourselves and the world with joyful curiosity, courage, and compassion.

Our Core Commitments

As community members, it is our shared responsibility to devote ourselves to implementing and sustaining each of these commitments:

We inspire passion and action

Our environment inspires inquiry, stokes passion for lifelong learning, and encourages agents of change.

We center diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice

We weave an anti-racist/anti-bias culture of belonging and inclusion into the fabric of our entire community.

We ground ourselves in the philosophy of Montessori and Montessori+

We practice the foundations of Maria Montessori’s work and extend learning through Inly’s innovative Montessori+ curriculum.

We embrace joyful curiosity

We celebrate growth and purpose in each and every individual.

We develop thinkers of the future

We cultivate agile thinking, creative and collaborative problem solving, and critical inquiry.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child. 

Maria Montessori

Our Plan for the Future

Inly has already experienced consistent growth through the years since our founding in 1973. We have thrived, increasing our student enrollment from 30 to 340, expanding our programs; receiving dual accreditation from AISNE and AMS; and expanding the campus to include beautiful new learning spaces, both indoors and out. 

But we’re not stopping here! Looking ahead to our 50th anniversary and beyond, our Board of Trustees have identified three strategic priorities to strengthen our mission and position us as a global leader in innovative education:

Inclusion, Equity & Engagement (our foundation)

  1. Develop and implement a sustainable financial model that enables Inly to attract and retain diverse families.
  2. Attract, engage and support a diverse staff, faculty, student body and community.
  3. Foster courageous explorations of and support for diverse identities. 

Montessori+ (our differentiator)

  1. Position Inly as a global leader in current and future Montessori programs by identifying the differentiators—based on Montessori principles—with innovative tools and practices designed to meet the needs of students and families in a rapidly changing world.
  2. Monitor global trends in workplaces and higher education in order to anticipate the competencies that will be required of our students in the coming decades.
  3. Search the rapidly evolving educational landscape for programs, tools, content and leaders who can contribute to improved practices.
  4. Develop programs that harmonize the most effective practices with Montessori principles; focus on programs for the high school years that take into account the social, emotional and developmental characteristics of adolescents.

Innovation Teaching & Learning Center (our future)

  1. Create the Innovation Teaching and Learning Center, dedicated to developing programs that embody Montessori principles and are designed to meet the needs of students in a rapidly changing world. 
  2. Engage new kinds of thinkers and doers in the Inly community who will help lead, innovate and share experiential learning programs that nurture each child’s passion for self-discovery and impact on the world.
  3. Further Inly’s unique model of education to become a brand that is nationally recognized by progressive educators.