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Parents play a pivotal part in their child’s education.

We warmly welcome you to get involved with life at the school. Not only will your child benefit from your support but you’ll also benefit yourself, creating flourishing social connections with your fellow Inly parents and building lasting friendships.

Inly Parents Group

Current parents and caregivers of Inly students automatically become members of the Inly Parents Group. The Group has one simple mission: support the Inly community to enhance our children’s education!

We’d love for you to become one of the many friendly faces joining us at our monthly meetings. These gatherings are designed to keep you informed about the curriculum and other happenings at the school.


Inly is grateful to those who generously donate their time to us. Volunteering at Inly can take place in many forms. Pick and mix from as many of the following as you wish:

  • Assist at Book Fairs, fundraisers and open houses.
  • Support classroom learning
  • Plan community events
  • Perform in the annual Inly Players Production
  • Host a Middle School intern
  • Become a project week mentor

Family Events

There’s no better way to strengthen our community than through family events!

Many exciting occasions take place throughout the year, including but not limited to:

  • Classroom potluck gatherings
  • Monthly school assemblies
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Family dances
  • Community outreach
  • Charitable opportunities

Parenting Workshops

And while Inly’s main job is to teach your child, we also have (elective!) classes to offer you. Parenting workshops are available to all of our caregivers and parents, offering advice and food for thought when it comes to the challenges of raising children.

Through these workshops, you can learn not only more about Inly’s curriculum but also discover how to tackle conversations about race, gain tips on managing technology usage, and learn to incorporate Montessori practices at home. It’d be great to see you at one - come along and see what new things you can discover!