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Imagination & Innovation

Imagination & Innovation

Inly fuels creativity by igniting students’ intrinsic abilities to create, express and think outside the box. We challenge students to take risks, question assumptions and welcome fresh perspectives.

Our kids will create new industries. They will have jobs that don’t exist yet and the only way to prepare them is to teach them to think.
Donna Milani Luther

Hear Donna Milani Luther on the “Fueling Creativity in Education” podcast

Inly’s own i4 process provides a way for students to think creatively and deepen their learning:

  • Inquire - learning to ask questions and using frameworks to explore and create.
  • Imagine - generating many ideas; quantity breeds quality.
  • Invent - using the power of play and experimentation to test solutions to problems.
  • Implement - moving exploration into workable ideas and asking ‘what’s working well?’ ‘what should we do differently?’ ‘What have we learned?’.

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