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    Morning Share (& All School Photo)

    This is our monthly assembly where the entire school comes together for community building. Students share projects, songs, videos, or other work they have created in their classrooms or after school programs. Parents and siblings are always welcome and encouraged to attend!

    Welcome Wednesday

    On the first Wednesday of each month, we open our doors to the public to come see classrooms in action and talk with admissions staff, teachers, students, and administrators.

    Check out the Next Level: Middle School

    Parents of 6th grade students and other interested parents are invited to attend this informational presentation where faculty will describe the middle school program and why it looks different than other levels of Montessori. They will also answer any questions that you may have about middle school and your child’s transition. (This is a parents-only event.)
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    MS Play

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    Omran-Nelson Speaker Series: David Brebner

    Open to the public, the guest speaker series explores a range of parent education topics and philosophies. This event will feature David Brebner, a leading thinker in user interaction, software design, 3D machine vision, AR, IoT, AI and solutions architecture. 
    (This is a change from the date listed in Inly Time)
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    Admission Open House & Family Fun: Slither and Slime

    Featuring a live reptile demonstration and “slime-making” for kids, this event is free and open to the public. We encourage you to invite your friends, family, and work associates to attend this event to get a feel for the campus and learn more about the School. Word of mouth is still our most successful marketing tool, and we appreciate every effort that Inly families make to be an ambassador for the School.
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    Check Out the Next Level in Action (LE–MS)

    Parents are invited to observe in a classroom at the next level of their child’s Inly education. Following the observations, teachers at that level will be available to answer specific parent questions. (A sign-up form is usually distributed via Weekly Beat.)
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    Parent Insight Event: A conversation with Jenny DuClos & Julie Kelly-Detwiler

    An opportunity to hear from Inly’s counselors about the ways in which the school supports every child’s social and emotional well being.
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    Grandfriends’ Day

    We invite our grandparents (or another special friend) to visit the school for the morning. It is a special day where the children can share their classroom experience with special friends, or other members of their families. 


    No Xcare, No PM programs
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