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Montessori+ at Inly

Montessori+ at Inly

Montessori+ is Inly’s own model for providing a holistic, well-rounded and academically rigorous experience for our students.

With traditional Montessori principles at the core, Inly’s dynamic model integrates critical elements to prepare students for lifelong success. 

What are the results?

  • Deeper understanding and engagement with academic content 
  • Greater self-motivation and enthusiasm for learning
  • Stronger self-esteem, self-confidence and self-knowledge.

Mixed age groups
Class groupings that span two-three years build leadership and collaboration, and connections among teachers, students and parents. Students have the opportunity to advance academically at their own pace, without limits. Learning is never boring!
Single age group
Students are expected to be within the norm of what is average for their grade level. There is no opportunity to advance academically.
A carefully prepared environment nurtures curiosity and encourages self-discipline.
The teacher controls the classroom and enforces discipline.
Inquiry-based Learning
Students ask questions, become invested in their learning
Standards-based Learning
Teachers recite facts and information.
Freedom of Movement
Students are free to move around the room to choose where they learn best
Stationary Seating
Students sit at assigned desks for long periods of time
Intrinsic Motivation
Child reinforces own learning by internal feelings of success. There is an emphasis on collaboration.
External Motivation
Learning is reinforced with rewards and punishments. There is an emphasis on competition.
Learning materials are engaging, meaningful, appeal to the senses, and imitate real life
Direct Instruction
Learning can be rote and uninspiring, with lectures, worksheets and standard textbooks.
Individualized Learning
Lessons are individualized to student needs. Teachers present new material as students progress. Students spot their own errors through feedback and self-correction.
Group Learning
Teacher recites predetermined lessons to the group with little opportunity for the child to move ahead or receive extra help. The teacher highlights errors in the child’s work, often without explanation.

The goal of a school should be to cultivate a child’s natural desire to learn, not to simply fill the child with facts.
Dr. Maria Montessori

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