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Welcome from the Head

Welcome from the Head

At Inly, we all come together to create something special. More than 340 children in our care are embarking on a student-centered journey, guided by Montessori principles and supported by nurturing teachers who foster their natural curiosity.

Best of all though? Inly children love coming to school. And we know children learn best when they’re happy. Rather than asking them to sit still at desks, Inly makes use of a child’s innate inclination to move by guiding them in interactive ways to learn. Within joyful classrooms, our children reach their potential.

Since joining Inly in 1996, my passion for the school has only grown. I never tire of seeing the magic which happens here.

The development of the heart, mind and body of each individual child is integral to what we do. To truly nurture each of these aspects, Inly has built on our Montessori foundation to create a unique program which we call Montessori+ (Montessori, plus more!). Students achieve academic results while surrounded by a warm community composed of incredible individuals. They develop the skills to navigate the world, and most importantly, become global citizens who are self-motivated, responsible and caring. Inly students grow into confident and curious life-long learners, and skilled critical thinkers. They leave us inspired, empowered and ready for success.

Come and pay us a visit. Our faculty and students would be delighted to meet you and show you our magical school on the hill.

Your child is going to love it here!

Donna Milani Luther
Head of School

Listen to Donna discuss her education approach on the “Fueling Creativity in Education” podcast

What do I appreciate most about coming to school everyday? Witnessing the joy in simple discoveries, seeing children of all ages engaged in rigorous, self-directed learning, knowing with confidence that no two lessons, two classes or two days will ever be the same.
Donna Milani Luther