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Spanish Curriculum: All grade levels

Mandarin Chinese Classes: Kindergarten, Preschool Enrichment and After-School Program

All Inly students — Toddler House through Middle School — participate in Spanish classes. Mandarin Chinese is currently offered to Kindergarten students as well as participants in Inly's After-School Program and Preschool Enrichment Program. 
The Spanish curriculum is designed to build fundamental language skills and gradual proficiency and fluency, enabling students to speak and write their basic thoughts and questions in a second language. 
The curriculum utilizes a combination of speaking, writing and hands-on activities that often integrate music, art or Total Physical Response (TPR). Students learn to express themselves in a second language environment that promotes confidence, creativity, cultural awareness and a love of language! 

Spanish Curriculum by Grade Level

Here's a quick snapshot of elements covered at different ages and grade levels: 
Toddler Class | Ages 1 – 2
  • Numbers
  • Body parts
  • Songs
  • Animals 
Preschool and Kindergarten | Ages 3 – 5
  • Vocabulary
  • Numbers
  • Games and songs
  • Questions and answers
Lower Elementary | Grades 1 – 3
  • Use of existing classroom materials
  • Routine activities are carried out in Spanish
  • Greetings, numbers 1–100, day/month, food
  • Cultural topics
  • Pronunciation
 Upper Elementary | Grades 4 – 6
  • Conversation
  • Verb tenses
  • Basic writing skills
  • Games and interactive activities
Middle School | Grades 7 – 8
  • Creative writing and speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading activities
  • Interactive games
  • Journals
“We know that starting a second language as early as possible is best for brain development in children. There is a direct correlation between language learning and the learning done for math and music. Approaching language in the right way sets our children up for success in all other areas.
“At Inly, we teach a second language like a first language. There’s no grammar or vocabulary taught in isolation. We use our bodies, we speak, we move. If you move while you learn, you embed the learning deeply.” 
– Julie Kelly-Detwiler, Assistant Head of School