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Middle School | Grades 7–8

Seventh and Eighth Grade at Inly

A defining, holistic education for the developing adolescent
  • Inly’s innovative Middle School program is based on extensive research on how 12- to 14-year-olds learn best.
  • Our comprehensive Middle School curriculum is academically rigorous, integrated and interactive. Whenever possible, we incorporate authentic experiential learning in our studies.
  • Seminar-style classes employ the Socratic method for in-depth exploration of literature, language, critical and creative writing, history, geography and current events.
  • Students study algebra and geometry, working with concrete examples to understand abstract math concepts.
  • Guided by Inly's core values, students develop a remarkable sense of self-knowledge, confidence and community.

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At Inly our 7th and 8th graders:

  • focus on global citizenship
  • participate in Model U.N.
  • work at internships
  • go open-ocean rowing, snow, rain or shine
  • create mathematical models to solve real-world problems
  • integrate math with physical, earth and life sciences
  • run around at recess
  • operate their own businesses
  • eat lunch with their teachers
  • perform in the Middle School rock band
  • debate current issues