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Mission & Philosophy

Inly School Mission

Inly is a partnership of children, teachers and families, dedicated to the joyful discovery of each child's innate capabilities and potential. Our community of learners inspires and nurtures children to become global citizens by embracing the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori, in harmony with other compatible and innovative practices.

Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an early expert on child development. She believed that children are motivated by a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. She felt that if a child were allowed to experience the empowerment of learning by his own choice rather than being forced, and if his skills for learning were honed, the child would be in a unique position to maximize his future learning situations.
The goal of a school should be to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn, not to simply fill the child with facts.
~ Maria Montessori
Dr. Montessori revolutionized education practice by shifting the paradigm of a teacher-centered system to a student-centered one. She believed that the goal of a school should be to cultivate a child's natural desire to learn, not to simply fill the child with facts. The discipline in a classroom should be self-discipline, she said, and children must be given the opportunity to develop it. 

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Inly's Core Values

The following core values guide our teaching, our relationships, and our leadership at Inly School:

We respect the singular gifts of every member of our community and embrace our similarities and differences.

We seek our personal best in all endeavors and are accountable for our own effort and conduct.

We communicate honestly, directly, and openly as partners in the learning process.

We explore ideas with an open mind and engage globally.

We nurture and encourage others in their personal quest in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

We model collaboration, integrity, and perseverance in our actions.

We strive for balance of mind, body, and spirit.

We prepare for the future through purposeful study, skill development, experiential learning, and continual reflection.