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    • Montessori at home

At-Home Learning

March 2020
Dear Inly Community,

Due to the campus closure prompted by the Covid-19 outbreak, Inly has moved instruction to a digital platform with a private At-Home Learning site. Our goal, in partnership with families, is to ensure continuity of learning by providing a curriculum that is grounded in our Montessori+™ framework.

Our teachers have worked diligently to create opportunities for learning which, in true Inly fashion, seek to foster each child’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity. Each level, from Toddler House through Middle School, has age-appropriate schedules, comprehensive curricular work, exercises and engaging activities.

We know one of the greatest strengths of the Inly community lies in the strong connections our educators share with students and families. With that in mind, each classroom will have a Zoom morning meeting, and teachers will have consistent “office hours” for one-on-one time with students, or their parents.

We hope to make the Inly at-home learning experience an enriching one for our students, and a manageable one for our families. We are committed to maintaining open communication and providing support for the wellbeing of students, parents, and teachers. Our mission remains unchanged during this journey...

At Inly, our dynamic Montessori+ practices inspire our inclusive community of learners to explore and shape ourselves and the world with joyful persistence, curiosity, and compassion.

Be well,

Toddler House, 18 mo.–3 yrs.

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  • TH Suggested Daily Schedule

    8:00-9:00 : Wake up and make breakfast
    9:00–10:00 am : Active movement time; indoor or outdoor!
    10:00–11:00 am : Work time
    11:00–12:00 pm : Free Time
    12:00–2:00 pm : Lunch, nap

    Learn more about Toddler House here.

Children’s House, PreK–K

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  • CH Suggested Daily Schedule

    Before 9:00 am : Wake Up
    9:00–10:00 am : Morning Walk
    10:00–11:00 am : Academic/Co-Curricular Time
    11:00–12:00 pm : Creative Time
    12:00 noon : Lunch
    Quiet Time (15-30 Minutes)
    Kindergarten Practice
    Montessori +

    Learn more about Children’s House here.

Lower Elementary, Grades 1–3

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  • LE Suggested Daily Schedule

    MORNING (before 9:00 am) : Wake up and stretch!
    Make breakfast; Eat breakfast; Clean up from breakfast
    Change clothes; Brush teeth, brush hair, wash face
    Independent quiet time

    MID-MORNING (9:00 am–12:00 pm) : Academic Time
    Virtual Learning from Classroom Teachers; Academic follow up work
    Outdoor time (walks, observation, scavenger hunt, obstacle course)
    Creativity time (bake, draw, create)
    Movement breaks
    Check-ins with teachers

    NOONTIME (12:00–1:00 pm) : Lunch
    Make lunch; Eat lunch; Clean up lunch

    AFTERNOON (1:00–4:00 pm) : Academic Time
    Virtual Learning from Co-Curriculars; Academic follow up work Outdoor time (walks, observation, scavenger hunt, obstacle course)
    Creativity time (bake, draw, create)
    Movement breaks
    Check-ins with teachers

    EVENING (4:00–7:00 pm) : Family Time
    Play outside
    Family time; Facetime family members and friends
    Make dinner; Eat dinner; Clean up dinner
    Quiet Time

    Learn more about Lower Elementary here.

Upper Elementary, Grades 4–6

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  • UE Schedule

    While the timing of most activities and learning are flexible, there are several components of our week that occur at a set time.

    Monday through Friday, 8:00am
    Morning Meeting

    Mondays, 8:30 am & 9:15 am
    Literature Discussions

    Mondays & Thursdays, 10:45 am – 11:15 am
    Student Help Desk: Students invited to drop-in and ask questions

    Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
    Student Check-Ins: Students will be assigned a 15 minute time slot on one of these days.

    Learn more about Upper Elementary here.

Middle School, Grades 7–8

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  • MS Schedule

    8:00 am : Morning Routine (Wake Up - Shower - Eat Breakfast - Etc)
    9:00–9:30 am : Morning Meeting via Zoom
    9:30–10:00 am : Zoom "Sync Block" Class
    10:00–10:15 am : Break

    10:15–11:30 pm : Independent Time
    • Literature
    • Math
    • Spanish
    • Writing
    • Science
    • History
    • LifeSkills

    11:30–1:00 pm : 'Recess' & Lunch

    1:00–2:00 pm : Co-curriculars

    • Music
    • Innovation
    • Art
    • Mindfulness

    2:00–2:45 pm : Independent Time
    • Literature
    • Math
    • Spanish
    • Writing
    • Science
    • History
    • LifeSkills

    2:45–3:00 pm : Restore the Environment

    Learn more about Middle School here.

Who to Contact

Support Materials, Resource, Learning Devices: Your Child’s Classroom Teachers
At-Home Learning framework, expectations, school policies, or anything else relating to At-Home Learning:
Head of School Donna Milani Luther dmluther@inlyschool.org

Inly At-Home Learning Goals & Framework PDF

Students’ Wellbeing and Social Emotional Support:
Jenny DuClos jduclos@inlyschool.org
Julie Kelly-Detwiler jkellydetwiler@inlyschool.org

Technical Support Needs and Navigating the Site:
Kelly Huxtable khuxtable@inlyschool.org
Joyce Whitman jwhitman@inlyschool.org

Montessori Tips

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  • Setting Up a Work Space

    1. Set up a work area with your student. Keep in mind, we all need a space that reflects our work personality. Some children need a more public space, and others need distance and quiet.
    2. Make sure that there is ample space for all materials and supplies — scissors, paper, markers, post-its, etc. Encourage your child to set the space.
    3. Help your child set up an organization system. Is there a bulletin board or wall space for a schedule and daily checklist?
    4. Make sure there is adequate light.
    5. Suggest that your child decorate the space with drawings or posters to personalize.
  • Structuring the Day

    1. Provide uninterrupted play time (1-3 hours a day). Let them explore and play with the environment around the house/yard independently without structure from an adult.
    2. You officially have the “time” to let them put on their own shoes, make their own food, clean up their room. Give them the space to do so.
    3. Make a rough visual schedule of the day. It is always better when all can expect what will happen throughout the day.
    4. Use screen time to connect with teachers, friends, other family members. It’s important for them to see the ones they love.
    5. Avoid the concept of being busy and always trying to entertain them. Let them see you read, sit, meditate, clean, color. Whatever it might be and allow them to be present.
    6. Go outside. Enjoy walks. Enjoy yard work. Take showers and baths. Breathe.
The transition to at home learning has been so seamless thanks to you and all of the teachers. It has been incredible how you disseminate the Inly and Montessori feel in all the classes and the many lessons that have been provided to us. —Erica

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