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A Healthy Approach to Fitness

At Inly, our physical education classes and programs are fun, developmentally responsive, and focused on lifelong health and fitness. We get outdoors whenever we can and make good use of the spacious gymnasium inside the Artsbarn. 
  • Movement Arts classes are part of our curriculum from Toddler through Middle School.
  • Athletics classes begin at the Elementary level.
  • Sports classes and team sports programs are offered after school.

Movement Arts Curriculum

  • Toddler House — Grade 8
The ultimate goal of the our Movement Arts program is to assist all children along the path to lifetime physical fitness, which aligns with our holistic mission. The benefits of this journey are many: health, longevity, positive body image, improved overall self-esteem, and increased energy and concentration in all areas.

Athletics Curriculum

  • Elementary and Middle School
All Inly sports curriculum units include stretching, running, basic movements and games. Students participate in skill- building games focusing on developing team-building, learning individual strengths and areas for development, self-discipline, coordination, balance, endurance, sportsmanship, overall fitness and skill-building for specific sports.

After-School Sports Program

Free sports, fitness and movement classes are offered in our After-School Program for students in grades K–8.

Rotating offerings include: Aerial Silks • Basketball • Cross-Country • Dance • Flag Football • Kickball • Soccer • Yoga

Sports at Inly

Inly is a member of MAC, the Montessori Athletic Conference of Massachusetts, an interscholastic league of 12 Montessori middle schools in Massachusetts and NEPSAC, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference. Inly students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may participate in after-school team sports including:

  • Soccer (NEPSAC & MAC for grades 6–8 and Inly club soccer skill development for grades K–2)
  • Flag Football through NFL Play60 at the South Shore YMCA
    (grades 3–5)
  • Basketball (MAC for grades 6–8)
  • Winter conditioning (grades K–8)
  • Flag Football (MAC for grades 6–8)
  • Cross-Country (MAC and NEPSAC for grades 4–8)