InlyNEXT: Building Campaign

At Inly, we understand that the world is ever-changing and that we need to provide opportunities for our students to thrive and explore the world around them beyond the classroom. Our students dream big every day. It is now time for us to provide them with the opportunity to realize those dreams through the addition of new learning spaces, which support our innovative curriculum.

While the programs we provide to children have expanded over our history, our facilities have not adequately kept pace. The temporary classroom structures of yesterday have long outlasted their functionality for the needs of our growing student population today. Our facility needs to be improved so that we may provide the space for our students to dream big.

Read about the progress of the InlyNEXT Building Project here

Campaign Donor Profile

Fran Keegan has been an Inly grandparent since 2001 to current students Francesca and Peter and alumni Joe, Jimmy, Victoria and Gabrielle Hunt. Along with being an active member of the Inly community, Fran chose to make a gift to the InlyNEXT Campaign.

What inspired you to give to the InlyNEXT Campaign?
I wanted future students to have the same excellent education that my own grandchildren have had. We’ve benefitted from the generosity of people who have come before us and I feel an obligation to give for the next generation of Inly children.

What excites you most about the new building?
I’m impressed by the scope and the openness of the building project. I think it will provide new opportunities for students of all ages to gather and learn.

With Inly grandchildren who span from elementary through college age — how do you see the impact of Inly in their lives?
Inly has provided them with the freedom to think and express themselves and the ability to speak on a stage or as an independent speaker. I feel that the arts programming has been very important to rounding out their education, especially when many schools are cutting programming. Inly’s approach to educating the total child has made a tremendous impact on my grandchildren.

The Completed Building

We truly believe that this little school has the ability and the passion to empower our children to be and to become significant innovators and leaders in our world. There is something special that happens here, within these walls. There is a philosophy of learning that makes the future exciting and accessible to our students. This is really the reason why we have found it so easy to get behind this project.

– Mike and Stacey Grealish, Campaign Chairs

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