Summer Camp

Investigate! Innovate! Invigorate!

Summer at Inly provides an opportunity for children to investigate nature, art, and theater, innovate with new tools and technologies, and invigorate their bodies and minds while learning new skills and making new friends.

Session 1: June 25–29

Preschool Adventures: Up in the Air
Ages 3–5  •  $400
Using elements of nature, children will explore and create art and objects that are inspired by air and wind. Kites, paper planes, and parachutes will all be part of our tinkering and learning experience.
Group Leader: Georgie Gladdys
No Bones About It!
K–2nd Grade  •  $400
Our group of sharp-eyed explorers will investigate the habitats around Inly for sightings and signs of animals without bones. There will also be some visiting boneless critters. We will create a garden for the helpful pollinators, be on the lookout for some uninvited invertebrates, and engage in crafts and games related to our theme.
Group Leader: Ellyn Einhorn
Isadora Duncan Dance
Rising K–6th Grade  •  $400
The Isadora Duncan technique is a unique style of dance, inspired by the sculpture, myth and ideals of ancient Greece. Danced to classical music, the technique is one of the primary roots underlying modern dance and uses natural movements, free flowing energy and imagination. In our workshop we will explore the myths of Artemis and Atalanta, culminating in a final performance.
Group Leader: Colleen Quinn
App Design
Ages 9–12  •  $400
We will kick start into the summer by creating and coding apps. Campers will work together through the full design process from brainstorming ideas to coding the final product. The process will be hands on and collaborative as we discover what it’s like to be technology creators, not just consumers.
Group Leader: Tschol Slade

Session 2: July 9–20

Preschool Adventures: Down to Earth
Ages 3–5  •  $800
The ground beneath our feet holds so many treasures! Children will experiment with growing plants in different mediums, learn how to filter using sand and rocks, and create unique Earth inspired artwork with rocks and plaster. 
Group Leader: Georgie Gladdys
Fearless Flyers Academy
Ages 5–13  •  $1200
Here’s your child’s chance to join the circus! Children will learn the exciting art of flying trapeze as well as how to dance through the air with aerial skills, jump on an Olympic trampoline, walk on stilts, juggle and much more! 
Group Leader: Fearless Flyers Academy Professionals (USA Gymnastics Certified)

Founded by Don and Ally Dinh, Fearless Flyers Academy (FFA) is an elite acrobatic training school dedicated to bringing the joys and health benefits of flying trapeze, trampolining, and aerial silks to students. FFA delivers individualized training to all students regardless of age, sex, race, or prior experience. They have the only portable flying trapeze rig in New England!

Fly, Float, & Roll
Grades 3–5  •  $800
If it travels, there’s a good bet we’ll build it and test it during this two week session. We will explore physics and motion in several quick projects that will have campers thinking scientifically without even knowing it. Rockets will be launched. Cars will be built. Boats will be floated (literally and figuratively).
Group Leader: Tschol Slade

NuVu Battlebotics has been cancelled

Session 3: July 23 – August 3

Preschool Adventures: Water, Water Everywhere!
Ages 3–5  •  $800
From freezing ice to soaking liquid, children will experiment and create with water in its many forms. Painting with water colors and sponges. testing whether objects float or sink, and learning about sea creatures will all be part of this unique camp experience. 
Group Leader: Georgie Gladdys
STEAMing into Nature: Playing, Experimenting, and Exploring in the Outdoor Classroom
Ages 8–11  •  $800
Children will play, explore, build, and innovate with STEAM in all of our outdoor spaces. Along with planting and caring for the many gardens and greenhouse, children will have the opportunity to harvest and sell the Inly organic produce each week. The farmer’s market will also include products (jewelry, toys, soaps, etc.) they make from natural materials. And as part of their garden work, children will brainstorm and design innovations that will benefit the gardens or other outdoor spaces. Each day also includes opportunities to write and perform plays and musical numbers, to construct forts, to explore the Discovery Trails, and play games. And by the end, the children will see the surprises and opportunities the outside world has to offer.
Group Leader: Bruce Frost
Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
Grades 1–8  •  $600
Join us for a two-week musical theater crash course! Receive instruction in singing, dancing, improv and acting, in an energetic and collaborative environment! Over the course of two weeks, students will work together to create and rehearse a musical theater production with an
original twist culminating in a final performance for parents and friends on the final day of camp.
Group Leaders: Meri-Lee Mafera, Andrea Canevazzi 
Level Up Village: Global Inventors and Global Programming
Grades 4–6  •  $800
During this two-week session, Inly campers will be matched up with global partner students living in another country. During the first week we will focus on designing and building solar powered flashlights to help people living in areas that lack reliable access to electricity. The second week will be spent co-designing and programming video games and animations using video messaging to interact with our partner school.
Group Leader: Tschol Slade
"You can’t go wrong with any summer camp at Inly." —Kristin Quinn, Misadventures in Mommyhood

General Information

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  • About

    • Summer at Inly is open to the public.

    • The camp day runs from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

    • All campers will receive a Summer at Inly t-shirt.

    • Inly School is a nut-free campus. Campers should pack a nut-free lunch and bring a water bottle. 

    • Camper drop-off and pick-up will occur at the main parking loop, in front of the Grealish Family Pavilion. 

    • Parents and friends of campers are invited to attend a community gathering the last Friday of each session in the Meehan Family Artsbarn at 1:00 pm, where campers will share projects and performances of their program.
    This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.

  • Staff

    • Summer at Inly staff are chosen for their enthusiasm, expertise, and ability to serve as positive role models.
    • Camp programs are led by certified Inly School faculty. Fearless Flyers specialty camp is run by Fearless Flyers Academy, Mystic CT.

    • All staff are CORI-checked and fingerprinted under state law. 

    • A fully certified nurse will be on campus daily.
  • Registration & Discounts

    • Register and pay online by clicking the link above.

    • One-time early bird discount of $25 per family if registration is completed by April 1.

    • Inly reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient enrollment.
  • Questions?

    Please feel free to email

Level Up Village

Level Up Village facilitates global steam collaboration between students from around the world. They work together by collaborating on shared project files and exchanging video letters via LUV’s global communication platform.

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