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Do you hope that your child will always love to learn? Think critically and question their sources? Grow lifelong friendships? Be confident as a learner and a person? Feel empowered by the educators around them? You’ve come to the right place.

We currently have a few remaining spaces left for mid-year 2018-19 applicants, and are now accepting applications for next school year, 2019-20. Please click on the blue button to the right to start your application, and select which year you're applying for. 
Key Admission Dates 
February 1: Admissions applications due
Feburary 2: Children's House Admission Visit/Interview Day
February 4: Re-enrollment contracts sent out
February 8: School records and AISNE forms due
March 8: Admissions decisions shared
April 10: Enrollment contracts due for new families

To see Key Admission Dates for Financial Assistance applications click here
Ready to dig deeper?
It’s never too late to start your journey with Inly. Call anytime to see if we have any openings or a wait list at a particular level. Or call to start a conversation about your short- or long-range goals. Together we can help determine if Inly is a good fit for your child and your family.

We love our school and would love to show you around. In the meantime, read through our website to learn more about the magic of Montessori education, the lifelong value of experiential learning, and the core values that unite our growing campus.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What's the best age to start at Inly?

    Educators agree that the best time to enter a Montessori program is at the Toddler or Children’s House (preschool) level. Dr. Montessori called the first six years (ages 0–6) a "highly sensitive" period of learning—and the most important years of a student's life. Children who enter Inly by preschool and stay through grade 8 reap the greatest educational benefits.
  • Q. Do you have openings in the older grades?

    Occasionally, but there are fewer and fewer openings as students move up through the levels. Contact our Admissions Office to inquire about current openings.
  • Q. What type of student does well at Inly?

    Young children who are curious, inquisitive and engaged; kind, respectful and empathetic; and responsive to adult redirection are good candidates for Inly. In older children, we look for the same qualities, plus high academic motivation, a track record of interest and engagement, willingness to take on new challenges, and the desire to work independently with teacher support.

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Welcome to Inly, a private, independent Montessori school with innovative programs that inspire toddlers, preschool and K-8 students to become independent, lifelong learners. Our inviting community draws students from 20 towns on the South Shore of Boston,
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