Walk-in Wednesdays

Stop by Inly from 9:30–10:30 am on Wednesdays to explore our nature trails and enjoy a story or craft with Ellyn or Kathy. A fun experience for your child and a great way for you to get to know Inly School a little better! Join us on Sunflower Hill June 27, July 11, 18, 25, and August 1.

Board of Trustees

"Why I'm an Inly Board Member"

InlyNext: Engaging Students in Next-Century Innovation

In 2013, Inly School entered into a new round of strategic planning with Cambridge Hill Partners, a firm with a diverse strategic background and considerable experience working with schools and businesses alike.

Cambridge Hill Partners helps organizations "develop compelling visions for the future, determine strategic directions that respond to emerging trends and constituents' needs, articulate and implement required organizational strategies, and solidify a distinctive position within the industry or market.”

With the world changing so quickly, the Inly Board elected to build a dynamic strategic plan: a three-year roadmap complemented by an annual assessment to ensure that our long-term planning still makes sense. This allows us to make changes when necessary that remain in line with our overall vision.

Strategic Priorities 2013–2016

List of 3 items.

  • InlyInnovation

    Through InlyInnovation, we are looking to enhance our programs and curriculum by offering developmentally appropriate opportunities that move beyond the four walls of the classroom and include new and innovative tools. InlyInnovation is focused on curriculum and programming in innovation and critical thinking as we develop future leaders and independent thinkers with next-century skills. We plan to roll out InlyInnovation by creating resources in our programming that are more robust and by forming strategic partnerships with other organizations that are also focused on innovation.
  • InlyInspired

    The mantra of InlyInspired is "school growth through professional growth," which is rooted in our belief that as we create an expansive learning environment for all of our adults, we can then become an expansive learning environment for all of our children. In our view, “adults” not only includes our faculty and staff but also Inly parents as well as other parents and members of the greater South Shore community. We are supporting our faculty and staff by building and growing our professional development and we are also expanding the Omran ♦ Nelson Speaker Series to become a signature series of parent education on the South Shore. In doing so, it is our hope that people who are passionate about education will come to Inly from all over for conversation and collaboration and that we will become known as a mecca for teaching and learning.
  • InlyInTheWorld

    Part of our mission is to foster global thinking and citizenship by being a community that represents a diverse mix of experiences and expressions. InlyInTheWorld is focused on multicultural education for our faculty and students, enhancing our curriculum, expanding our international programs, and creating admissions initiatives to include strategies for diversity recruitment and outreach.

2016-17 Members

Davenport Crocker, Jr.
P’19, ’20, ’24 
Vice President:
Sandy Kronitis-Sipols P’08 
Mike Grealish
P’17, ’19, ’21
Shannon Harper-Bison P’16, ’18, ’21, ’24 

Paul Antico P’11, ’14, ’16, ’21, ’24 
Stacey Best P’22
Charles Cella P’18, ’19 
Conor Cooper P’27, ’27, ’29 
Rob DeMarco P’15, ’21
Christopher deMurias P’15, ’18
Polina Haseotes P’21, ’22, ’24 
Ursula Knight P’19 
Amy Martell P’19, ’22 
Jeff Morris P’11, ’13, ’15 
Lory Newmyer P’99, ’02, ’04 
Carlos Perez P’13, ’15, ’18 
Mike Sheehan P’20, ’23 
Katy Sullivan P’22, ’22, ’28

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