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At Inly, it means we combine Montessori methods with other proven practices to develop practical skills, core knowledge and critical thinking, offering the richest learning experience possible. Teachers cultivate a student’s interests, rather than fill the child with facts, which naturally leads to a lifelong love of learning.

Contact us to learn how Inly students:

  • Gain a deep understanding of academics through hands-on work
  • Achieve stronger self-esteem and confidence while learning to stretch their boundaries
  • Become independent, self-motivated learners by taking ownership of their work

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Inly Fast Facts

    Toddler House: 18 months–3 years old
    Children’s House: Preschool and Kindergarten
    Lower Elementary: Grades 1–3
    Upper Elementary: Grades 4–6
    Middle School: Grades 7–8

  • Year-round option for toddlers and preschool
  • Low student–teacher ratio
  • Emphasis on social-emotional support and the development of empathy
  • Spanish, Visual & Performing Arts, Technology, Robotics, Athletics
  • Robust experiential learning program; “learning by doing”
  • da Vinci Studio for applied creativity, innovation and problem-solving
  • 4-acre outdoor classroom, walking trails, organic gardens
  • Nut-free and allergy-friendly
I fell in love with Inly on my admissions tour and knew immediately that it was everything I could hope for my daughter. I trusted that Inly would cultivate her innate curiosity, challenge her intellect, and nurture her compassion, all while respecting her as an individual who matters in this world. — Renee